It appears there are several posts conerning issues with NW 6.5 and
AFP. Here is an update for those interested:

AFP v3.1 resolved issues:

1. -50 error copying files within same Netware volume
2. -50 error saving files with BBEdit
3. -50 error saving files with Dreamweaver
4. Failure to save files via Appleworks...creates 0 byte file.
5. File corruption saving WORD X documents
6. AFP abend
7. open file handles during file system browse
8. Failure to open Mac School modules (byte range locking issue with

File names are still limited to 31 characters or less. That's an apple
bug with the AFP 3.1 protocol:

The above fixes will be included in SP1 for NW 6.5 which should be
available somewhere around Dec 20. There should also be a separate
patch released this week with the same fixes. Novell is looking into a
one remaining issue with Appleworks that will not be included in these