I am missing some basic step in the NFA setup, and re-reading the
manuals is
not helping me! I am trying to "export" a Netware 5.1 directory (NFA
installed on this server) to be visible to at least one account (root,
the moment - I will tighten up the security later, if I get it going)
on a
RedHat box, for archiving. I don't want to set up NIS on the RedHat
box, I
want to use NDS to control access/rights for the RedHat box (from what
understand, I want my Netware box to do any NIS serving that I have to

I have set up the export of the directory in Console One with NDS as
Access Control Mode with a trustee * which seems OK to an NFA newbie

Since the RedHat box does not have a NIS server set up, I assume I
use the migration utility to "import" the RedHat users (I don't want
anyway, because apart from root and one other user account, it holds a
of "users" like ftp that I don't really want to import). However,
because I
am not migrating anyone, it is not clear (to me, at least) whether I
need to
set up a "map" or something, because if I access a user's properties
Console One, the "Unix Profile" page is blank. I don't know whether I
to set up anything in the Console One Migration page, and if I do, I
have no
idea what the terms are that it is asking, in the context of NFA (e.g.
word "domain" means many different things, depending on the context).
nfsstart gives the error "Root is not mapped to any user", and trying
on the RedHat box gives "Program not registered", which I understand
means I
am not exporting anything.

Sorry about my lack of understanding, once I get one export done, I am
I will follow what is going on!