We have just upgraded to Novell 6.5 and have decided to use the
Password feature but have had many problems when we go to enable it on
OU and change their password some around half work and half don't when
run nmasmon I get the following error.

0: ..LSMAFP3: GetUniversalPassword
0: MAF_GetPassword LSM 0x0000001E
0: ..LSMAFP3: GetUniversalPassword: MAF_GetPassword failed with error
603 <0xfffffda5>
0: ..LSMAFP3: GetSimplePassword
0: MAF_GetAttribute LSM 0x0000001E AID: 24 Tag: PASSWORD HASH
0: ..LSMAFP3: GetSimplePassword: MAF_GetAttribute failed with error

0: ..LSMAFP3: User does not have a Simple Password.
0: ..LSMAFP3: Could not get Universal Password or Simple Password.
0: ..LSMAFP3: Second ProcessAuthRequest returned -603 <fffffda5>

Sometimes I can get rid of the error by unloading AFPTCP and reloading
and then changing the password.