I cannot successfully conected a Mac OS X computer to our Netware 6 server.

At the iBook running OS X Jaguar I select Go and then Connect to
Server. If I click on the server icon that comes upthe Address box
has service:afp and then followed by my server IP address. I click
and I get and error= -36.

Alternatively, if I select Go and then Connect to server and simply
type in smb:// and the IP address, I get SMB Mount and a
dropdown list of my volumes. My choices are to authenticate or
OK. Either one results in the same thing - SMB/CIFS Filesystem
Authentication. It asks for a workgroup or a domain (I have
neither). Then a username and password - I have tried many
combinations for the different groups or organization units. No
matter what I then get an error= -5023 message.

I can log into the server from the iBook through Internet Explorer.

Can you help me out here?
Vicki Conover
Islesboro Central School
159 Alumni Drive
Islesboro, ME