I'm posting this as a reply to an issue that John Endahl had posted a
months back regarding an issue with not being able to log in using a
client. However there was never a response on what happened.

So here is the ussie:

I'm having an issue with Panther clients using Connect to Server, one
is at
10.3.1 and one is at 10.3.2 and they are BOTH running Classic. I get
error message:
Connecting to afp://xx.xx.x.xxx
Could not connect to the server because the name or password is
If we use the Command Line through Terminal is works great!

I have one Panther client running 10.3.2 and Classic is NOT running
and it
works like a charm with both the Connect to Server and the Command
Line. I
can connect to every server no matter what context the user is in but
have also made modifications to the ctxs.cfg file to include all of

I have no issues at all with any Jaguar or OS 9.x clients.

We are running all NW 5.1 SP6 with eDir 8.7.

It seems to be Panther + Classic + AFPTCP

So I'm wondering what the outcome was with the plist or rolling back
AFPTCP? What version did you roll back to?


Katie Wohlers
Network Manager, Mankato Public Schools