I am working with a colleague to make a home directories hosted on a
netware 6 server available to a linux box using an nfs export.

The linux box maintains its own set of usernames and passwords, so the

user authenticates here, and then executes the mount command. This
authenticates in the background and providing the username and
correspond with those held in the NDS, the volume mounts. Our problem
that the uidNumber and gidNumber shown in the ls command on the
export don't match up with the uidNumber and gidNumber held locally,
reading the messages posted above these would appear to correspond

Although we do have the posix profile populated for all users and
redirect the linux box to authenticate against the NDS, this would
access to all our users to the services held on the linux box rather
than the subset of users that are entitled to use it.

Is there a way to configure the service such that the uidnumebrs
controlling access to the nfs export correspond to those held locally,

or to configure the ldap authentication to check a group membership or

similar within the NDS before authorising access to a particular linux