I have a Netware 6 server running NFA for the Macs. I have a folder on

the server that contains about 6 files. Access rights are set in
NWadmin to students have read and file scan access to this filder.

When I login to this server as a student from a Mac running OS 9
everything works fine. I can open each of these files but do not havethe ability to change them and save them back to this same location.

When I login to this server as a student on a Mac running OS X I haveproblems. I get the message that the file is locked or already in use.

When I add the "write" right in Netware then I can open the file. Of
course I can modify it and save it right over the original, not a good

thing. On the OS X box I can click on the file once to select it and
do a get info to check rights. It shows that that I can read and write

the file, system is owner and can read write, group is gobeldygook and

has no access and others has no access.

Any ideas?