Mark, Just around the holidays I opened a thread about a specific
OSx/wordX/Nfap issue. You indicated if I'd give you details on the
problem you might try to recreate. I was waylaid by other problems
am now back on this issue, and hoping that you might still be able to

lend a hand.

The problem:

When using Word 10, Mac OSx, and Netware 6, sp3, traditional volumes,

NFAP, a Mac user will try to save a word file to the server. They get

the error: "Word failed reading from file <filename>". They can
out of the error and return into the word document but, the document appears totally trashed. Paragraphs jumbled, trash in the middle of

stuff, in general, hosed. If they close Word at that point and
Word and reopen the document, the document saved correctly with all
changes in-tact... and the junk on the screen is not in there. Of
course, if they happen to save it again while that junk is displayed then the document really is ruined.

Specifics: Word 10.1 and Word 10.1.4; Mac OSx 10.2.8; Netware 6.0 Sp3, traditional volumes. 100% reproducable.

Problem does not happen if: a) we save to the local Mac hard drive
instead of the server or b) if we are using OS9 and word 98 instead of

OSx and word 10. Use of revision markings (on or off) makes no
difference. I am trying to get our technician to install word 98 on
OSx box.

We are not above paying for your time in fact, I'd love to find a
reliable Mac/Netware technician that we could do some occasional
consulting with. Let me know if you have any interest, or if you need

more details.