Greetings all,

Some users are having problems logging into our NW65SP1 server from a
Mac OS
X. Some accounts work, while others get the "Login Failed" message,
if they
don't specify their full context. It seems to be consistent. The same

accounts always fail.

We are not using a Mac client. We're using the Native File Access.

Things I've double-checked:
- the "sys:etc\ctxf.cfg" file has a list of all valid contexts. No
- afpstrt.ncf has been run.
- we are using the "afptcp.nlm cleartext" option

Here are some things I've noticed about the accounts that fail:
- setting or removing their simple password doesn't help
- setting a "default login sequence" doesn't help
- it increments their "Incorret login count" after each failed
- it shows the server as the "Last intruder address".
- they can login perfectly if they specify their entire context
- they can be in any context.
- seems to be limited to OS X, not OS 9.

All our servers are NW60SP3 or NW65SP1 and are all running eDirectory