NW6-SP3 + NFS-Gateway

NFS-Support is installed on SRV-DATA (NW6-SP3), one path is

NFS-Gateway is installed on SRV-COMM (also NW6-SP3), the
path exported on SRV-DATA gets mounted and from what I can
see the mount-process runs fine. The new volume gets
activated, the volume-object appears in consoleone and can
be opened, even toolbox-dir works on it. But it remains

When setting up export I played around several ways with the
options, gave trustees to "*" with r/w and all that stuff,
so I do not think I goofed this. Is there anything further I
missed? My idea is anything further with trustees or with
unix-profiles which I did not touch during the setup. The
manual was not clear in this to me (since I want access to
srv-data with websearch running on srv-comm I would not see
any use in setting up any user-profiles, either).

Any help is welcome.