I posted this before but did not get a solution yet, so I
will do a second try and be more precise with the details.

NFS-Support is installed two servers SRV-DATA and SRV-COMM
(NW6-SP3 each).

On SRV-DATA one path is exported.
nfsexprt = /IVM/USERS/shared/Offen 0 0 512 0
nfsthost = /IVM/USERS/shared/Offen * 2 1

On SRV-COMM NFS-Gateway for NW6 got installed and is started
by gystart which reads as follows:

gymount OPEN /IVM/USERS/shared/Offen -anonUid 0
-anonGid 1

From this on SRV-COMM volume OPEN gets mounted, NFSSERV.LOG
on SRV-DATA reports it like this:

Info:60:6.2.2004 12.41.56 : ********** NFS Server STARTED
ON `SRV-DATA' **********
Info:115:6.2.2004 12.41.56 : Configuration File nfsserv.cfg
Info:12:6.2.2004 12.41.56 : Beginning to check the NFS file
Info:17:6.2.2004 12.41.56 : The NFS file system check is
Info:45:6.2.2004 12.41.56 :
NFS Server: UDP Transport Enabled.
Info:46:6.2.2004 12.41.56 :
NFS Server: TCP Transport Enabled.
Info:31:6.2.2004 12.42.03 : Mounted the path
'/IVM/USERS/shared/Offen' successfully by Client
Info:31:10.2.2004 17.28.04 : Mounted the path
'/IVM/USERS/shared/Offen' successfully by Client
Info:31:10.2.2004 18.22.36 : Mounted the path
'/IVM/USERS/shared/Offen' successfully by Client
Info:31:10.2.2004 18.28.31 : Mounted the path
'/IVM/USERS/shared/Offen' successfully by Client

Just to be sure I checked the unix-profiles from nfasuser
and admin which received UID = 0 and GID = 1.

Volume OPEN is accessible, opening it as admin from a
win2k-workstation gives results like 72GB Size, 12 GB used
etc. (what is correct for the complete exported volume /IVM,
not for the path), but no files show up, no files can be
created, nothing.

My guess is, that there is something wrong with rights or
trustees, but I just do not know how and where to check

Any help is appreciated.