There is a problem with the AFPTCP.NLM provided with NW65SP1.

All last week I worked with Sento to resolve our Native File Access login
issues on one of our NW65SP1 servers. Most Mac users could not login. They
would get the "invalid username or password" message. We are using the
"cleartext" option when we start AFPTCP.NLM.

After days of analysis, Sento provided an updated AFPTCP.NLM that corrected
the problem. We are now able to login from our Macs. Ya-hoo!

Loaded from [SYS:\SYSTEM\]
(Address Space = OS)
AFPTCP (BWISEMAN based on Build 277 Debug SP)
Version 2.01.11 January 30, 2004
Copyright 1987-2003 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This NLM is not noted in any TID I can find.