I hope this is the good forum.
A customer of mine is preparing an implementation of a DMS system based on
Windows 2000 with a SQL database. The DMS system (database) will not hold
the documentation by itself, the database will only contain the link to
the documentation that will be located on a different server and will be
accessed by an ftp session.

The server that will contain the documentation can be a Microsoft or
NetWare server. The question is what will be the best choice. There are
some NetWare 5.1 servers and some Windows 2000 servers (for Citrix and
application purposes)
The NetWare environment (eDirectory is for managing the entire
network environment.

Because of the reliability of NetWare the customer has an advantage for

How is NetWare performing in combination with a FTP session with a SQL
What is the advantage to choose for NetWare over Microsoft in this
specific environment?