Below is an updated list of resolved and "under investigation" defects for NW 6.5 sp1a:

1. DEFECT000352362 : NW 6.5 AFP cannot copy files from one directory to another on the same server
2. DEFECT000352363 : NW 6.5 AFP corrupts MS Word X documents during a modify file save
3. DEFECT000352364 : NW 6.5 AFP leaves open file handles for all files during browse
4. DEFECT000353802 : Appleworks creates 0 byte files with NW 6.5 AFPTCP v2.0
5. DEFECT000354770 : Mac School fails to obtain file lock range on MAC OS 9.x and NW 6.5 AFPTCP
6. DEFECT000356045 : NW 6.5 AFP v3.1 returns -50 error during file save with BBEdit text editor
7. DEFECT000357813 : AFPTCP cleartext breaks logins with NW 6.5
8. DEFECT000357811 : AFP 2.01.10 leaves file/dir handles open with the noSharing option.
9. DEFECT000359355 : AFP v2.1.11 fails to save modified files with Grade Machine application

Under Investigation
10. DEFECT000360265 : AFP UNICODE issues with double byte characters when upgrading from v2.2 to v3.1
11. DEFECT000360270 : Abend in AFPTCP v 2.1.10
12. DEFECT000357812 : File corruption doing a SAVE AS with Appleworks and NW 6.5
13. DEFECT000360267 : Merging MS WordX documents results in corrupt files when mounting home directories
14. DEFECT000360271 : Mac School fails to import grades using AFP v 2.11.1
15. DEFECT000361269: Failure to create class in UltraKey application

A patch will be released with the current fixes at the beginning of next week.