Hi all,

I believe NFAP was installed when our NW server was upgraded to 6 some time ago, and I had someone make sure that it was
running a few months ago. It seems to be running as far as I can tell, but I can't connect to it. I figure I am doing
something wrong.

The facts:

1. NWCONFIG reports that I have both NFAM (Mac) and NFAW (Windows) v. 1.0.2 running.
2. From Windows Explorer, I can see the NetWare server in my "COMMON" domain.
3. I have edited SYS:ETC\CIFSCTXS.CFG to list all contexts that might hold users.
4. I have added simple passwords to my own account (located in the data.ashtagov context) and to the admin account
(located in the ashtagov context).
5. When I try to open the server from WinExpl, it prompts me for a username and password, but nothing I put in
authenticates me.

I am thinking that the authentication of NFAP may have been set to use the domain controller, but I have several
questions about that:

1. How do I tell what the NFAP configuration is set to?
2. How do I change it if necessary?
3. If it is set to use domain authentication, how do I make that work?

Any help you can give me to get me started would be appreciated.