I am in the process of implementing CIFS on 8 Netware 6 cluster resources
As part of the implementation, I am upgrading all clients to 4.9Sp1a and 3.4
Also will be ensuring the latest CIFS patches are installed on each node.

In the past when CIFS was implemented in domain mode, users would getting
locked out immediatley.
I have seen this issue in the past and remember it being an issue with the
Novell client and some of CIFS files on the server.

I would like to know what is the issue with intruder lockout ocurring when
using CIFS and what the fix is.

Also there is a technical paper describing how to implement CIFS in a
clustered environment, if anyone has a link to it I would appreciate it.

Is NMAS required when using domain mode in CIFS?

Thanks in advance