Hi guys ..

Sorry its me again. 2 problems I am facing here.

1) On a Novell Netware 6.0 (SP4), the Mac (OS X) machines connect to the
server via Novell's NFA. Previously, I used Prosoft's client to access the
server. What happen now is that when connected to the server, certain
files no longer display their real extension or program associated. For
example, Adobe PageMaker, PDF, and even Pictures (.eps and .tiff) are all
seen as either .txt or just empty extension files. And the software to
open them by default is textedit. If I revert back and connect using
Prosoft's client, everything is back to normal. How come this happened and
is there a way to rectify it please?

2) Second problem happens when there is a folder in a NSS volume on the
Netware 6.0 server. 3 machines are accessing the folder. Machine A and B
can open the folder, and any file in it. Machine C tries to open and the
whole window goes off. But the system is still running. It just couldn't
open the window. All these are Mac (OS X) machines accessing the Netware 6
server. How do I diagnose what's wrong and more importantly how do I
rectify it please?

Really really appreciate any feedback and advise on this. Million thanks!!