We have a UNC path/resource (\\servername\folder) issue that we can't seem
to resolve. We have a delay of about 20 seconds to access info inside a
folder. We have looked at TID10068696. We are a Microsoft/Novell shop,
and have set our provider order up so that the Microsoft client is the
first in our provider order. We primarily use the Microsoft side for file
access, and SOME users are still accessing information from the Novell
side. We have verified that the Novell client is causing the issue by
logging into the Microsoft client ONLY. (Speed issue goes away) Both
Microsoft and Novell recommend setting the DFS to disabled, but we have
found that we cannot access the Microsoft domain, AND we don't get our
GPO's pushed out to our clients. Is there anything else that could be
done to increase the file/folder access???


The NSN IS Support Team