Microsoft’s Backup utility in the System Tools menu of Win 2K and XP
doesn’t seem to play too nicely with Novell’s implementation of CIFS.

A Windows box has a drive mapped to a “share” on the NetWare 6 (sp4)
server. In explorer, drag and drop 10 Gig of files and those files are
copied to the NetWare server with no problems.

However, use the Windows Backup utility on the same files and the
utility freezes at 4.29 GBytes every time. It makes no difference what
the file set is that is being copied. 4.29 GBytes is where Windows
Backup utility freezes every time. But, doing this with a Windows
share, the Windows Backup utility “Backs up” all 10 GBytes.

Another interesting anomaly, we can browse, see, and map drives using
Explorer to the shares on the NetWare server. But, using the Windows
Backup utility to browse to a location to place the backup file, if you
select the NetWare “share”, you get an RPC error message saying the
“share” is not available. Of course there are no errors when browsing
and selecting a Windows share.

I just thought I’d relay this experience to others.