I am trying to map to a Netware 6.0.3 server running CIFS (version 1.3) via
a Windows Login Scripts that is part of a GPO. We are running W2K3 domain
controllers in our AD environment and I have CIFS configured for domain
authenication. Domain runs a W2K3 level.

About every 3rd login for my test users I suffer account lockout. Most of
the time in the AD environment but also in eDirectory, though less
frequently. I even disabled intruder lockouts in the AD environment but
still see my AD test accounts getting locked out. Below is an excerpt of
the error after running NMASMON:

0: MAF_End LSM 0x0000000D
0: LSM 0x0000000D failed
0: ERROR: -1642 Login Method
0: ERROR: -1642 CanDo
0: ERROR: -1642 NMAS Manager
0: <<ClientGet: message size=2449 queue Size 0
0: MAF_End LCM 0x0000000D

Basically, my issue is exactly as explained in TID 10083510, except that I'm
already using the March 2003 version of the lsmcifs.nlm.lmo file. I've also
tried a Sept 2001 version of it. At this time, I cannot locate the June
2002 version this TID mentions but am still looking.

NFAP is one of the main reasons we upgraded to NW6 about 2-3 years ago. We
implemented AFP for our MAC users at that time and I haven't had to look at
it since - works like a champ. CIFS has never made it out of the testing
phase for the above reasons. I'm revisiting this for a 3rd time. We've had
two Novell support calls but, in a nutshell, they problem keeps coming back.
If anyone has ever gotten by this issue, I'd love to hear about it.