We have migrated student-owned PCs so that they connect via CIFS to our
NW6+SP3+cifspt3b servers. In preparation for the installation of a
cluster, we have created some CNAME entries in DNS for different volume
resources. For now, the CNAME resolves to the unclustered server.

One of the CNAMEs is 16 characters (prime.stolaf.edu) and some Windows
2000 and XP clients (not all, though) cannot map a drive to a share
using the CNAME. Other CNAMEs (longer than 16 chars, but pointing to the
same server) work just fine. Mapping via IP address (which will change
upon cluster installation) works fine. We added an additional CNAME that
is longer than 16 chars (myprime.stolaf.edu) and this works fine.

I am thinking this is a client name resolution issue. I understand that
if the client sees a '.' in the name it should assume a DNS name/IP
address. There is an MS KB article
(http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;281308) that
describes a somewhat similar issue with Win2k servers and CNAMEs,
however, it says that all CNAMEs are a problem - I only have a problem
with shorter ones.

Anybody ever see this?

Tony Skalski
Systems Administrator
St. Olaf College 1510 St. Olaf Avenue
Information and Northfield, MN
Instructional Technologies 55057-1097
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