Hi -

Servers are new (non-production) built from 6.5 SP1.1 overlay.
My original test server ran xnfs fine, but on all of my new servers it generates a "fails to initialize" error. I cannot start it from iManager or from the console. I saw the TID about etc/export but that is not the issue.
I am missing the some of the objects (NFAUUser for ex) but have NFAUWorld. The NIS objects are missing as well. NDSILIB.NLM does not appear to be loading correctly either - it loads but if you do a 'modules' right after you load it, it's gone. When I try and run various things from the console I get a "error unloading killed loadable module (NDSILIB.NLM)..."
I think my install went bad somewhere. Trouble is, it is the same story on all 5 servers..

Is it possible to reinstall just NFAP? I have not been able to come up with a TID on this. (yet)

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

- Joe