We have our authentication / home directories working via LDAP for OS X.
There are various servers here. AFP is running on the servers, which are
NW6 SP3 and have the cleartext option.

We can create links (the UNIX shortcut) to files and directories on the
server which holds the user folders (CS2). However, we also want to create
links to folders and other directories on another server (CS3). When we go
to the /Network/Servers directory, the server is listed, however it appears
that I am not authenticated to the server. I can go to the connect to
server, and enter the IP, but I am then asked to authenticate. On a related
issue, I must login to this server with my full context. This may be in
part due to my user object being in a different container than the AFP
object for the other server.

Is there a way to pass the authentication that is working with the CS2
server to the CS3 server? In ideas or more questions would be great.

Thanks for the help!

Randy Saeks
Support Technician
Glenbrook North High School
2300 Shermer Road
Northbrook, IL 60062