hi everybody!

we are in the charge of implementing cifs on a cluster enabled nss volume.
our problem is, that we cannot see any share on our virtual cluster server.
when executing nmasmon * sys:etc/nmas.txt trunc we get following error
"ncpopenconnnection dconnect == 0x50040015" and
"nmas_cando inittransportcrypto - 1460" followed by:
"client session destroy request".

what we already did was:
- virtual cluster server configured for domain mode
- nmasmon gives us error codes as mentioned above
- properties under security container > KAP > WO > cluster nodes and
virtaul cluster server are a trustee of the WO-Object
- in cifsctxs.cfg there is hint to our domain with this syntax:
domain.<Organizational unit>.<Organization>

hope, someone can help us or has any ideas?