Hello all: Our goal here is to move our W2K workstations to Suse Linux. I
have finally succeeded in getting my Suse Linux box to authenticate against
NDS via LDAP. This was my first goal.

Now I need to investigate how to enforce access rights to users on a Linux
box when accessing my NW6sp4 servers via NFS exports. My first test
indicates that once an export is setup, any Linux user basically has full
rights to all directories and folders.

Now I have no experience with this so I may be way off base or doing
something completely wrong. I my was to export the directory where user
profiles from ZfD4 get stored. This is a good test because each user has
their own private directory. On the Linux box I logged in as a normal user
(no admin privileges) and mounted the exported nfs directory. Sure enough
this user account could access every directory and file.

So, how in the heck do rights get managed when accessing nfs exports??