In the instructions for setting up NFAP for Macintosh, the following
requirements are present;

The NSS50.exe patch (TID#2964003) installed on the server
(A slightly different set of instructions says NSS51.exe and TID 2960046,
and yet another set of instructions also mentions the WS_NFAP.exe patch)

Macintosh name space loaded on each traditional volume before installing

I cannot find any of the patches or knowledge base articles required for
the first item anywhere on the Novell website.

The instructions I found for loading the namespace involve the use of the
MAC.NLM module. I cannot find this anywhere on my system (although I do
have MAC.NAM and V_MAC.NLM), nor can I find anywhere to download it on the
Novell website.

I have Novell Netware 5.1 SP6E installed with eDirectory 8.7.1.

When I try and set the simple password for a user it says that the
functionality is not available for this platform.

All I really want to do is set up the Novell box as a file server for a
Macintosh system, and it has taken me two days, and I am still very stuck.
Please can someone help!