I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I can't find one that deals
with NIS/NFS problems specifically. If this is not the right place,
please redirect me!

I have NFS services running on NW5.0sp6 (also have NFA on NW6.5) and I
am getting the following messages on the pkernel screen on the NW5 box.
They are informational but since we are having some problems lately with
NFS access I want to track down what is generating these messages in the
hope that it will solve some of the issues. I have searched the Novell
KB with no success and I'm hoping that someone will recognize these:

"NFS Open File Cache utilization exceeds 90%" ( iave increased this
parameter from 6 to 9 but am still getting this message since reboot.)

"NISBIND-Info-970: Error 4 returned from yp_match"
I haven't been able to find out what error 4 means so I'm not sure where
to look to fix the mismatch in NIS. I get several of these as soon as
the pkernel screen comes up and it finishes the NFS filesystem check and
then sporadically throughout the day.

"NFSSERV-Info-125: Cannot open the file
/vol1/customer/data/art/xxx.bak......" (for example)
Well, I know what it means, it can't open the file, but it doesn't tell
me why?

Is there some logfile that would give me more info?

Any insight is appreciated..