On a Netware 6.5 SP1a system I am trying NFS Netware Mode to see if it
eliminates the need to manage permissions both in NDS and Unix.

/USERDATA -nwmode -rw=.denison.edu:charlie1.test.denison.edu


On charlie1.test.denison.edu (Solaris 8):
as root:
mount server.test.denison.edu:/USERDATA/Reitsma /export/home/reitsma/server
ls -al /export/home/reitsma/server: shows root owns that folder but
reitsma owns the contents. (reitsma has logged in previously on a MAC OS
X box with LDAP and AFP mounted home directory.)
SysAdmin manually sets Reitsma as owner of directory on volume USERDATA:
then reitsma shows as owner of /export/home/reitsma/server

as reitsma:
cd /export/home/reitsma/server
ls -al: shows existing folders as owned by me
mkdir test
ls -al: shows test as owned by root
cd test: fails with Permission denied
rmdir test: directory is removed

So it is behaving as documented for an unmapped user. I have the
correct uidNumber and gidNumber in the Unix Profile.

Are there other attributes, either on the NFAUUSER or Reitsma, I need to
populate to get the mapped user behavior?