I have a Solaris app which I have been able to succesfully host on a clustered exported Netware share via NFAU in our test environment. The clustering bit works brilliantly btw and took maybe 5?min to set up.. My app is very picky about who "owns the file" when it comes to files it reads and works with. If I as a Netware user copy and save a file to the exported volume, the owner is now "root", and while my app user has RW to the file, the owner is 'wrong'. Prev I used PCNFSD and an NFS client so that each workstation would log into the NFS share as that "appuser".

Can I export the volume as a different user (other than root) so that I can 'align' the file ownership of files manipulated from the Netware environment? Or is it possible to map that volume as a different user in Netware? (Searched on this and did not find anything yet)

To export the volume I execute a:
xnfs share /volume -rw -root

Authentication is in "independent" mode right now.

Any ideas?

Thx - Joe