We have Novell 6.5 sp1a, AFPTCP 2.01.12(3/17/2004). Installing the lastest
versions of Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math using NFA. Installing
trying to use our Prosoft Client on MAC OS 9.2.2 fails due to a error
trying to access directory structures below the volume level. (Prosoft
says it an Apple issue that will never be resolved!) We also run the apps
cross-platform so we normally install the Windows version in a directory
below what the Mac install creates. PROBLEM: After installing using a MAC
and NFA, the install directory created by the MAC appears empty to the
Windows 4.90/4.90 sp1a client. Copying files from a PC,go into the
directory but do not appear. Viewing the directory from WIN9x 3.40 client
shows all files, MAC and PC. On our windows machines we usually create UNC
based shortcuts to drop on the desktop, but we can't create anything on a
XP machine because we can't see anything. If we install using a Windows
based PC (Win9x or XP) to create the top level directory we can at least
create directories that we can see. Has anyone seen this?? and Does anyone
have a way to work around this??