Hello and thanks to all who have given me a helping hand at this NFAU stuff.

I now have work SuSE 9.0 workstations that authenticate to eDir thru LDAP
off of my NW6sp4 servers running eDIR 8.7.3. When a first time user (to a
particular workstation) logs in thier home directory gets created just like
it should under /home. Everything is great.

But now I want to take that next little step and have thier home directory
created and maintained on the NW6 server. I have exported the proper
directories and made SURE to give the test user proper rights and ownership.
I have also tested this by logging in as the test user and creating some
directories and files in thier new home directory on the server. All works
to this point. Now using ZfD4 I setup thier unix profile with a proper UID,
GID, shell, and home directory. For the above test I just set it as
/home/username which results in the home directory getting built on the
linux box just like it should.

Now for that one extra step. Given the above, I then switched the ZfD4 unix
home directory setting to /nfs/servername/home/username. I also setup the
nfsclient to use /nfs/servername/home to point to the exported home
directory on the NW server. OK, now I try to login as the test user. KDE
begins the login process by starting to write the needed files to the
specified home directory, but fails with a write error on a process file.
RATS. I then checked the new home directory and I see most on the needed
files present so something must be working correctly. AS a last test I
login at level 3 and everything works great.

OK, now I know that something in the KDE setup does not like the nfs
directory. Has anyone else done this and had a simialr problem? How did
you get around it?

I an writting this from home from memory and will update tomarrow with the
name of the files that can not be created.