Hiya all

I'm hoping there'll be some Mac Quark people lurking around here who
have had a similar problem, or maybe someone knows how daylight savings
affects files on the server.

I'm running Netware 6sp3 running AFP (nlm version 1.01.18) on a
traditional volume. After daylight savings ended some Quark files show
that the Images have been modified when you go into Usage, when they
have not been.

Looking at the Quark site, there is an article regarding this problem
but only talks about WinNT server as an issue:


Now it could just be the time on the Mac workstations screwed up when
the time changed, as only documents in one department have been
affected, so I'm really just wondering if anyone else has had this
problem or does anyone know if there are any changes to files when
Daylight Savings ended?