Would you know what I need to do on the MAC workstation or on the Novell
Server (Netware 6.5) in order for the MAC OSX users to connect and access
their user directories. I would like to use traditional volumes on the
NetWare 6.5 for the user directories, if possible.

I was told at BRAINSHARE that NFAP lets Macintosh workstations access and
store files on Netware server without installing the Novell client. NFAP
is installed by default as part of the basic NetWare 6.5 server
installation process and provides instant network access. This is great,
but there seems to be something not working because our MAC users who are
using MAC OSX are not able to connect and see the volume where their user
directory is located. MAC users using CLASSIC with a MAC client
installed are able to see volumes and access their user directory.

Please help!
Sharon Ringgold