Hi Brad,

I promisse to inform you if there is something new about the Problem I
posted some months ago in novell.support.os.server.nfs. It belong to the
access of CATIA to the NFS Shares on NW 6.x.

As I told you we had to open a call to Novell Support. After some tryīs
under NW 6.0 we get the Information that the error will not be fixed anymore
in NW 6.0 but everything will work with NW 6.5. So I set up an test
enviroment with 6.5 and it still not worked see posting here from 02/04/2004
with the same title.

The error with 10004 belong to a Problem with the file lock. It was fixed
some weeks ago. But it dosnīt fix the Problem with CATIA. Only by luck we
found some weeks ago that you canīt save files also with the newWindows
Versionof CATIA to the Sever via NCP. There is a TID about it (10083800).
The Problem there was fixed with a new NWFS.SYS. So we informed te collegs
in Capelle about it an the told us after some time that the error could
response from a simillar problem. When I took traces on the Server on Access
from AIX and Windows 2000 Clients to the Server I found out that the saving
of files is identical on bouth systems. There are two files created and
bouth are deleted after the copy prozess of the file.
It took some time to find out about the Problem and I remember, that I heard
of the same Problem some postings ago before I set the first one for this
Problem. The missing HardLinks in NSS. Capelle and Novell here informed me,
that the Problem will be fixed soon and the engeneering is already working
on a fix.
But, for me the time is running out if I donīt have a solution in the next
three weeks the management will kill the migration project and go back to
AIX Servers, samba and NAS. The Problem is that we all belived that the
error will be fixed on NFS Side but itīs not. After a greate migration
Projekt, talking with Consulting and some Tests, we build up an enviroment
to hosts all files of the company under NW and the UNIX People let run the
NAS Systems they use now out of rent. You can imagine how happy they are
now, even because we have the first Problems with Hard Disks in the older
NAS Systes :-( Maybe there will be a Patch in the next months or next year,
I donīt know, but it will be too late for our systems. Two weeks ago I get
the Information on the german cbit from Novell that the status will be
checked, the same information about four weeks ago from Capelle. Since this
time I didnīt heard anymore from any side of this Problem. I hope but I
donīt belive it will be fixed so soon. Why didnīt I learned something
usefull like gardener ;-) Fresh air and you can see what you have done at
the end of the day :-)


PS: If you want I will give you an update when I hear someting new.