Hi all:

We are currently testing access with our Macs to Netware 6.0. Mac is OS
10.2. We loaded AFPTCP with the cleartext option and were able to set simple
passwords. We then unloaded AFP and reloaded it without the cleartext
option. When we tried to change the users password we were subsequently
unable to login in to the Netware server. Checking the users access from a
Windows workstation showed that the eDirectory password had been changed.
Reloading AFPTCP with the cleartext option allowed us to change the simple
password and login. What are we missing? Nothing in the NFAP documentation
states that AFPTCP needs to be loaded with cleartext to change passwords.

We are also going to be testing access with Mac Manager. I saw a post from a
user who said they reviewed integration info at Mac labs. Can someone tell
me where to find this info?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.