Last week we upgraded our file server from NW 6.0 sp3 to NW 6.5 SP1b. I
understand that when we did that our AFP went from version 2 to version 3.
It has caused several problems with our Macs ability to browse files in
Quark and save files in Excel. I have read several posting that say they
are running the 6.0 sp 4 version of AFP on their NW 6.5 server and it is
very stable. I would like to try reving our version back to either the 6.0
sp3 or sp4 version. I have the AFP.zip from both versions downloaded. Do
I need to copy the contents of that .zip file to the server overwriting any
newer files to rev back? Or do I need to do this through Install?

Any instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Joaquin