1- What is the proper way to configure CIFS server names in a cluster when i
install NFAP ?

I currently have 2 servers. The names i used when i installed NFAP are :

server 1 ( TVAMTLCN_W ; server 2 ( = TVAMTLCN_W.

My volumes Groups and Users are in a SAN wich of course is common to both
I balanced my workload on both servers :

server 1 services cluster volume GROUPS; server 2 services cluster volume

When my users search tvamtlcn_w it points to server 1 ( and my
clients can only see volume GROUPS.
The tcp/ip address registered in WINS for tvamtlcn_w is I do
not have any entry in DNS.

2- Where did i make a configuration error ?

Thank you in advance,

Claude Boutin