I'm attempting to setup a CIFS share on a NetWare 6.5 server. This server
was upgraded from NW5.1 and doesn't have NSS volumes (still using the
traditional file system). When I setup the CIFS shares on ConsoleOne and
execute CIFSSTRT, I don't get any cifs shares displayed. Is CIFS on NW6.5
related to NSS? My CIFS configuration on another NW6.5 server works fine.

This server does not (yet) have NW65SP1a installed. I will apply this and
65cifs1a at the next maintenance window.

Finally, on one of the other NetWare 6.5 servers that CIFS is running OK,
the system console hangs when I execute CIFSSTOP.NCF. Doesn't anyone know
if this is fixed with NW65SP1a and 65CIFS1A?