Hi All,

We are about to implement CIFS as a means to allow windows users access to
the NetWare env (6.0 or 6.5) without the Novell client. My question is,
if we use the domain authentication model, what password gets changed when
the user does ctrl-alt-del | change PW? Does their domain password get
changed? The documentation implies that the user cannot change the domain
password using this method, but must instead use the domain user manager.

If we instead use the local authentication mechanism, is there anyway to
synchronize the simple password with the domain password, or is the only
way a user can change the simple password through consoleone/iManager?

Sorry for the long description. In short, I would like to achieve a
situation where a user can change their domain password, and they can then
access resources on the CIFS enabled NetWare environment, using this same
username/password combo.

Thanks in advance for any assistance