Server is a clean installation of NW 6.5 SP1.1b (using the overlay disks),
and each time it attempts to load cifs (either through the autoexec.ncf or
the command line) we get:

Loading Module CIFS.NLM [ INIT
CIFSNLM: Compile date and time is Nov 17 2003, 11:18:05
CIFSNLM: Default config file \ETC\CIFS.CFG
NSS-2.70-50: The module "CIFS" failed to initialize, status=-1.
You do not have enough memory or your memory is bad.
Check to see if your resources are bad.

5-07-2004 10:11:26 am: SERVER-5.70-2713 [nmID=D0003]
Module did not release 1 resource
Module: CIFS Semantic Agent (Build 376 MP)
Resource: CmdLine
Description: Command Line Services

Any ideas? Thanks,