Access problem in NetWare 6.5


NetWare 6.5 installed with all default options and installation choices.
Due to the problem below iFolder, iPrint etc have not been installed.
All clients running on the supplied client software in the istallation
The client software has been updated to SP1.
No other updates has been done as we need to get this basic problem under
control first.

Clients running
- Windows98 second edition
- Windows2000 professional
- WindowsXP professional

One common application where software and data resides on the server.

All users belong to the same group when it comes to this particular

The application consists of the following parts
- application platform
- application control-file (storing data on open files, who and type of
- data-base (file format)
- forms
- application software

The problem:

Starting the application first on
- a WindowsXP client all clents on other OS will be locked out. Error
messages ranging from file locked to file does not exist while trying to
access the control-file.
- a Win98 client only Win98 clients will be able to access to application
and its files
- a Win2000 client then WinXP client will not gain access but Win98
clients will gain acces as long as they dont refer to a form accessed by
the Win2000 client. The form will be lockes and the lock will not be
released even if the client is shut down.

The situation above reflects the configuration where NMAS is disabled in
the clients.

If NMAS is enabled one and only one OS (all clients with this OS) will be
able to access the application.

The application and all its data and software resides on a dedicated
volume in the system.

This application runs without problem, with a mixed client environment in
- NetWare 5.1 and earlier
- Windows2000 server system
- Windows peer-to-peer system

All suggestions to solve the problem will be appreciated.

Leif Arvidsson