Is anybody using afptcp from NW65SP1b or later in production? With
autoreconnect working?

I am testing a new cluster with NW6.5SP1b (fresh install via overlay CD)
and have noticed a reconnect issue with multiple volumes mounted from
one cluster node. afptcp.nlm from both SP1b and 65afp112 exhibit this

cluster member node1 hosts volumes vol1 and vol2
mount vol1 and vol2, separately, by IP addr, in the finder
migrate vol1 to node 2
click on vol1 on my Mac (10.2.8) - reconnect worked!
click on vol2 on my Mac (10.2.8) - both vol1 and vol2 disappear,
get disconnect message

Perhaps worst of all, I see in remote manager that I still have
connections to each of the nodes.

This has a vague similarity to the issue creating aliases while multiple
volumes (from one cluster node) are mounted.

Anybody seen behavior like this? Are folks just sticking with afptcp
from NW6?

P.S. The above is but one scenario. I have tested a few others, varying
the volumes' 'starting' nodes, the mount order, and which vol is
migrated. Each scenario has issues, none work as I would expect/hope.

Tony Skalski
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