NW6.5 server hosting directory for unix catia files. This directory is
Read-Only and is mounted out to AIX boxes that can see all the files
correctly. Last week, the windows stations (some 9X, some W2K all
running NW client) could see these files correctly, too, but today, when
you go to the directory, only 1018 files are visible in explorer. I
thought at first that the files had mysteriously vaporized (!?!) but
apparently, we just can't see them all from the windows clients.

I am also having a memory leak problem with this server and cache
buffers are decreasing. Would this affect file browsing on NSS? is there
a limit to how many files you can have in a directory on NSS? I haven't
changed anything on this server since it was last rebooted 9 days ago.
(Disabled hyperthreading at that time.)

Looking for any help!