Seems to have a problem posting all the detail in my message.

Basically I am having problems authenicating through CIFS. I get a login
box which never clears.

I have done alot of reading and have done everyting I could find but think
I am missing something quite simple. Things I have done.. contexts in
cifscxts, LMHOSTS entry, CIFS configured as both local and domain,
restarted CIFS, I see share points, logging with same domain/user/password
as netware and NT. Using XP standard client. Netware server has user
replica and rights to security container. Can ping both netbios and ip.
Also tried adding a simple password.

Extract from NAMS trace

47: MAF_End LSM 0x00000022
47: LSM 0x00000022 failed
47: ERROR: -1642 Login Method
47: ERROR: -1642 NMAS Manager

It seems to find the user alright but fails here.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Sorry for the previous half messages.