I have just set up access to our Netware system using NFA on a Mac G4
733 under OS9.2.2 and notice that whenever I am in Entourage or Word
there seems to be a lot of activity judging by the little flashing
double arrow at the top left of the screen. This is not evident from
Finder or Newswatcher and I am left wondering hwat is going on. In the
non-microsoft programes ther is an occasional flash and that is all.

Is there a way of seeing more info on the activity or is this normal.

Actually I am not even sure I know what the double arrow means - is it
disk or network activity?

Also - after setting up NFA should I remove any of the following

NetWare Client
NetWare File Access
NetWare Queues
Network Setup Extension



Note abbreviate my country name to nz in address above

Bob Jordan
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Hamilton New Zealand
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