When I start my NFS (nfsstart), I get an error "Root is not mapped to any
user. Exiting ...". Also the NFAUUser ist not created by the NFS
installation. Manually creation don't make it better. So I deleted the user
stop my NFS und and loaded "schinst -n -w" according to Novell's
documentation. After that I get a NFAUWorld - Group, but no user and the
problem persists. Nisinst.nlm don't work ether! I also checked the nis.cfg
and the nfs.cfg. They them to be OK!

In the schinst.log I find the following:

Error:95:6-3-2004 2:40:07 pm : Could not add the object :
You need to check the NIS Administrator Context Error Code : -613.

Info:98:6-3-2004 2:40:07 pm :

Login was successful.

Info:97:6-3-2004 2:40:07 pm : Added the object :

Info:132:6-3-2004 2:40:07 pm :
SCHINST:WORLD: UNIX Profile for the .CN=NFAUWorld.OU=server.O=LBO Group
object has been added and UNIX Gid is set to 65535.

Somebody help me please ....