Hello all,

after reading several posts I configured a NW 6 Server with NFA for it
mainly holds a MS-Access 97 database (Access itself residing on the
clients). Unfortunately, users are getting "too many active users"
errors, urging all of them to close the application and enter it again.
Searching the internet I learned that this behavior is quite common if
an Access 97 app is located on a NetWare Server, and there have been
made some fixes in the Novell Client Software.

But - there is no Novell Client as only NFA is used..

My questions:
Should I install Netware Clients instead or additional using (in other
posts highly recommended) NFA?
Do the Server settings (Client File Caching, oplocks..) apply with NFA,
Any other hints, ideas?

Environment: NW6 SP4, 3 Clients WIN 98 SE, 1 W2K, 1 Win ME (I know...)

Thank You in advance,