I am getting mixed results (Most unsatisfactory) with a login script drive
map command. The scrip line is:

@NET USE L: \\Master_w\Vol1
(I've also tried:)
#NET USE L: \\Master_w\Vol1

On most workstations the drive is mapped, but appears as:
Vol1 on 'Master' (L:)

I have had succes on one workstation that displays the drive map as:
Vol1 on 'NFAP enabled (Master_w)'(L:)

I am using the same user account for this test (Admin equiv) and there are
no other map commands for "L" anywhere. (Just to be sure the EXIT command is

One other thing that doesn't seem quite right is that when I do get the NFAP
drive, it prompts for a username/password in a command box during the

I'm puzzled. Any thoughts are most appreciated, Thanks!