I have several NW6 servers that we are replacing with new NW6.5SP1
servers in the next few weeks. In prepartation for this I have a
NW6.5SP1 test server. We have one application that we are running that
has a known problem with AFP3.1 related to the case sensitivity issues
discussed in other threads in this group.

The suggestion from this group, as well as the vendor of this product,
is to back rev afptcp.nlm. In other words, take the nlm from a Netware
6 server and put it on the Netware 6.5 server. This gives the Netware
6.5 server AFP2 and not AFP3.1

I downloaded NW6SP4 and copied afptcp.nlm (version 1.02g) to my
Netware 6.5 test server after renaming the existing afptcp.nlm
(version 2.01k). After issuing afpstop then afpstrt, I can login to
this server but I am not seeing any volumes! When I swap afptcp.nlm
again, all is fine.

How do I back rev afptcp.nlm? This is critical that I get to afp2 and
not afp3.1 because of this one application.