I would like to enable a user to run an Access database without having to install the Novell client on her Windows XP box. I have set up the CIFS Windows share to the .mde file and it works fine, except that the database has links to another Access DB. The links are in the form "\\<Novell file server>\<Volume>\<Path>" which works fine from a machine with a Novell client, but not from the non-client machine. The CIFS share is in the form "\\<CIFS Server Name>\<CIFS Share>" where the <CIFS Share> is a specific folder on a Novell file server volume. I do not want to share the entire volume, but rather specific folders.

The error I get is that the table at "\\<Novell file server>\<Volume>\<Path>" is opened exclusively by another user or you do not have permissions to access the table. I could change the links to use the CIFS share paths, but then it would not work for clients who do use the client.

Is such a scenario possible to implement? Suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks to any respondents.